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Kathy Ruffatti
Kathy Ruffatti
Kathy received her degree in Business and Marketing from Roosevelt University in Chicago in 1990. She started her ophthalmic career in 1995 with Marco Technologies as a high-tech product sales representative. It was then that she realized ophthalmic practices were in need of not just cutting edge technology, but innovative ways of implementing these technologies to better improve patient care and practice profitability. This experience led to the approach ROI takes in selling ophthalmic instruments and services. Her reputation with local professionals has made ROI one of the fastest growing ophthalmic companies in the Midwest.


Ruffatti Ophthalmic Instruments is located at 817 Spring Beach Way in Cary, Illinois, 60013
QUESTIONS:  Contact us at 800-981-6726 or e-mail kruffatti@yahoo.com
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