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OCULUS Products
Pentacam®: BASIC, CLASSIC & HR
ImageCam® 2 Park 1® Easyfield®
Keratograph 4 Easygraph Centerfield® 2

OCULUS develops and produces innovative diagnostic tools for ophthalmologists, refractive surgeons, optometrists, and contact lens fitters. Our focus is progress through precision—with an eye toward better health.

OCULUS was founded in Berlin, Germany, in 1895, and moved to Dutenhofen in 1947, where it is still headquartered today. Since its inception, our company has delivered a world of excellence in ophthalmic diagnostic equipment.

Every OCULUS instrument is a true product of German precision and innovation. Developed by a team of engineers and eye specialists. Ergonomically designed. Carefully crafted. Rigorously tested. Windows® based. Produced to standards so high, they re-define quality. Is it any wonder they've won international awards!

While OCULUS diagnostic tools have long been trusted by ophthalmologists, optometrists and lens fitters around the globe, they have only recently been introduced to the USA. Their reception here has been remarkable. In the spectrum of possibilities, they stand out as more intelligent choices.



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